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Is Brussels a safe place, well more than 1 million people believe their town awes you a warm welcome and has kept some ‘grandeur’.

Forget about the grand place, manneken pis and the atomium: this is my kind of Brussels:footloose and fancy-free. click on red titles for further information

1.Parking 58, downtown

Once upon a time this was a market hall, for the world expo it was replaced by a horrible parking and soon it will be turned into the administrative building for the city.But you take the elevator to the open top floor from which you have a 360 degrees  view on the city. Enjoy the view or have your picknick over there.

2. Vieux marché aux grains, downtownls

Downtown Brussels: rue Dansaert ( the fashion street), a little Chinatown and this square where you can have a beer on the terrace of Le Paon Royal. On summer evenings crowed with artists and actors which you find later on in L’Archiduc ( art deco piano bar)

3. La Mort Subitea_la_mort_subite_15

Near to Galerie de la Reine and Central Station: try Belgian beers and certainly the authentic Geuze. The ambiance of the fifties: in the interior decoration nothing changed. Jacques Brel was one of the habitués.

4. Chez Vincentchez-vincent-restaurant-brussel-1(p-restaurant,16174)(c-0)

One of the few good restaurants in the Rue des Bouchers.You enter through the kitchen and find some true classics of the cuisine bourgeoise. On weekdays you have a luch for less than 15 Euro’s at midday.

5. La Taverne du Passageimgres-8

Invite your best friend or fiancé for delicious fish, oysters or a T-bone steak ( Côte à l’os). Order one croquette de crevettes ( potted shrimps dumpling) for two (!). My favourite dining-out place

6. Les Petits Riens

imgres-5This is the Harrod’s of the poor. Cutterly, glasses, furniture, clothing: second hand and, in all forms and shapes and at ridiculous prices. Visit the bookshop on the ground floor:Franch novels, coffee table books and pockets for less than 5, 1 Euro or 50 cents.

7.La place du chatelaind1a6eeffbc7dc72787b2b751b9535951

Strolling from Les Petits Riens to the Horta House you’ll find this place surrounded by bars & restaurants  (further on also in the rue de page). On Wednesday afternoon there is a food market with exclusive stand and a young crowd settling on the terraces.

8. The Horta Housep27056282-3

The private house of the Art Nouveau/Liberty architect Victor Horta. The genius of liberty: organisation around the staircase of floating spaces with abondant light from the wintergarden.

9. Au vieux spytigen duvelbruxelles-uccle-au-vieux-spijtigen-duivel-3-

On the outskirts of town, in Uccle but vaut el detour. A typical pub in country style. Victor Hugo, Baudelaire and a bunch of Flemish writers came here even the emporor Charles V. Beers and good food. 

10. Bus 41 to Transvaal

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.33.28Bus 41 (2 Euro 5O cents ) drives you from the Place de Heros (Uccle) through the bois de la Cambre, villa’s from the thirties, the Logis Floréal and other idyllic places. Leave at subway Demey to regain the city.