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“Belgopoly, a stupid but beautiful game”
[The Guardian]

Belgopoly, the game to play. With a bit of luck you give the village of Fourons to the Walloons and you ask Eupen/Malmedy in return (excellent move to exchange it later on for Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde). Get as quickly as possible to the language border or take Brussels by surprise. Hours, hours of gaming pleasure guaranteed.

Number of players: unlimited
Rules: numberless or none
Needed: Administrative map of Belgium, old five franc coins, dice

For the full pleasure it is interesting to divide gamers into Flemish (coin) and Wallons (cross). Both can play solo or in coalition.

The challenge in Belgopoly is to divide and reorganize the country by getting as many election districts, provinces or parts of it. You can be lucky and get a chance-card permitting you to do exchanges, a new bit of legislation in your favour or just the possibility to skip your turn a hundred times. The so called facility-cards are highly favoured.

Participants start in the Ardennes and at the coast and try to get asp to the language boarder and Brussels. First come first serve: no coin on the spot, you take it. Good tatics needed, a strong defence and a few libero’s who do the acquisitions. Yeah!
You play to the rules or you skip the rules (hard version). Hours of pleasure guaranteed. In our trial version, after a 140 games, Wallonia was reduced o the province of Liège & Luxemburg and a small part of Brabant Walloon. But they gained the whole of Antwerp province The Flemish side was also heavily reduced. We forgot to mention that the federal Bank was the third party and got hold of Brussels and Brussels Halle Vilvoorde, Eupen Malmedy, big parts of the Brabant province and Brasschaat ( rich village outside Antwerp full of Vlaams Belangers!)