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Hi to everybody


I am only the instigator of this initiative and scrolling through the comments left by the 4200 petitioners I am often surprised by the keen look some of them offer concerning the Brussels situation and particularly the way this town is a patchwork of political powers. I was struck particularly by the quote of Jo Struyven, living in the centre of Brussels and member of ComitéBru.

Comitébru defends the interests of the inhabitants e.g. the way some activities are organised without consulting or listening to the inhabitants.

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Jo imbeds his opinion on the unification of the police forces in a much broader context. He points out

  • how terrorists take profit of the scattered police structure: The three safe houses they used where situated in three different police zones

  • that Brussels is both a region, a town and a conglomerate of 19 villages; governed or controlled by 706 persons elected, 19 lord mayors, 6 ministers and 144 councillors.

  • that minister president Charles Picque proposed a ‘ Plan Régional de Développement Durable’ in 2013  in which he proposed to reform those 19 entities into 6 zones

  • that this would be a good starting point to relaunch the debate immediately

  • AND that this is the way to bring hommage to the victims of the attack ( as where Brussels politicians claim the opposite: that we should remain silent…

It is always good to listen to ‘experience experts’  and even if we pinpoint our petition on the reform of the police zones we could happily accept a debate the way around: a Brussels with six integrated clusters of communes. Just to say that we have to cherish the ‘momentum’ the very moment a subject that matters is moving the minds.

For that reason I would like all of you to share more than ever our action on Facebook, twitter, Linkdn en other fora. Brupol could become a Trojan Horse.