Belgium is a little kingdom, situated in the heart of Europe. Famous for its local kitchen, language diversity, non-violence and too easy going politics. Dare to apply for one of the following functions:


• Prime Minister

• Minister for Economy, Work & pensions& national debt

• Minister of Integration & immigration (between the regions and foreign)

• Minister of culture, urbanism & design

• Minister for traffic, environment, sustainable development

• Minister of economy & finance & planning

• Minister social affairs & poverty

• Minister for peacekeeping (home & abroad)

• Minister for institutional affairs


• competence & integrity

• practical experience

• stress-proof

• irregular hours, days & months

Absolutely not required not to say forbidden:

• political obedience

• celebrity status

We offer:

• a tough job

• a decent salary

• public traffic facilities

• hot meals


Filip/Philippe v.S.C.

Place des Palais 1000, Brussel

Tel 02 551 20 20 Fax 02 502 38 49

* Special procedure “knelpuntberoepen”, since ‘member of goverment’ became subject to the new law on jobs for which no Belgian candidates can be found. [Due to the hopeless situation we have simplified job discriptions.]