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Met enig speurwerk in de cache van Tripadvisor de volledige fake review-teksten gevonden, hilarisch!

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Een Britse zakenman heeft onder een schuilnaam drie maanden lang het compleet onbestaande, drijvende ( want op een boot) Oscar’s Restaurant, in het Britse Brixham, gepromoot. De maaltijden waren volgens sommige recensies bijna van het niveau van El Bulli, lange tijd ’s werelds beste restaurant. De uitbaters, Alfredo en Collette, kwamen dan ook uit Catalonië, en hadden daar de mosterd gehaald, zo klonk het in een van de recensies.
Niet te verwonderen dus het visrestaurant de rest van het jaar al was volgeboekt. Nieuwsgierige toeristen die op onderzoek uitgingen met het adres op zak moesten er ook rekening mee houden dat het boot-restaurant op telkens andere plaatsen kon aanleggen naar gelang het hoog of laag water was. Een fragment uit het proza van de faker:

Trying to book a table can be a nightmare, Fridays and Saturdays are booked well in to 2014. Getting a table midweek for two in 2013 is a major achievement. I just wish they didn’t close for most of the winter months. Weird too, because this restaurant moves venues depending on the time and tide. It seems to cover most of South Devon at present with future plans to incorporate the Channel Islands. So if your lucky enough to get a booking, check where the restaurant is going to be that night. You might think your booking for Exeter Quay when the boat is in Salcombe.
Chef Colette has an incredible sense of humour, her gastronomic inspirations, imagination and modern creations are ground breaking and mind blowing. She seems to be in another orbit to the rest of us.


Expect the unexpected.

“How do they do it?” Reviewed 15 July 2013 NEW via mobile I am fortunate enough to live in Catalunya, home to some of the best restaurants in the world. I have dined at both El Bulli and El Celler de Can Roca. Is Oscar’s as good? No not quite – but as has been mentioned already, there is an unbelievable quality about it. For a start, delivering to this standard on board a boat that isn’t a cruise liner has to be a major challenge. I love their use of local ingredients, particularly of course the local seafood. But it’s what they do with it that really counts. We had a sruffed red mullet dish which reminded me very much of a similar experience at El Celler – a blend of fragrant herbs and fruits that rather than distract from the fish, enhanced it in an extraordinary way. There must be a touch of the mystical about the chef here or maybe it is her Japanese and French origins that create the necessary fusion. I often think that floating restaurants are more of a gimmick than anything but Oscar’s really is very different indeed. This is one of those places where as word spreads you will be very lucky to get a table. Go check it out Michelin inspectors! • Visited July 2013

“Simply divine”
Reviewed 8 July 2013
My wife and I have recently returned from a week in Devon and had the good fortune to find this restaurant on our penultimate night. This was fortunate in one way, but unfortunate in another: We wish we’d found it earlier! I consider myself to be a bit of a conneisseur in seafood but here the quality of the food here exceeded our wildest dreams. We thought we’d died and gone to heaven.

A beautiful starter and then the poached bream was simply historic. It was all finished off with such heavenly, subtle deserts. With a bottle of wine to boot there wasn’t much change out of £100 but it was well worth it. We even went again on our last night and the quality of our previous meal was even surpassed. It just got better and better.

We’ve advised all of our friends and I shall be very surprised if this does not become the restaurant par excellence in South West England. Can’t recommend it enough. • Visited July 2013 “Thirty five reviews in one”
Reviewed 5 June 2013
Being one of only three tripadvisor users in our group I was asked to write a review of Oscar’s on behalf of the 35 staff members who attended our company meeting there. Everyone has made contributions to this review and concurred. So please multiply this review by 35.
Our well travelled CEO booked this venue having never seen this restaurant boat. He’s memo to us was that ‘The chef’s cooking will make up for everything no matter what else was wrong’.
The female chef who is half Japanese half French, and who in another lifetime was a star with foodies in both countries, our eight course evening meal proving just why that was.
She said her husband and herself started Oscar’s to take things easy in their semi retirement
Our afternoon business meeting aboard Oscar’s was broken up several times as we all went up on deck to view the beautiful scenery as we slowly cruised between Brixham and Dartmouth hugging the coastline. Calm sea and warm sun made this a very special occasion.
The staff serving afternoon tea were pleasant and polished without it feeling pretentious.
Back in Brixham we had time to explore the town before returning for dinner.
In the lounge area there were various antique items on display, one being a curious looking silver plated press which we were told was a duck press. I had never seen or heard of a duck press before. Apparently they are used in France but rarely over here. We were told It was a humorous farewell gift to our chef from a Paris restaurant back in the 80s
The eight course set menu with various options to change certain items was agreed on before arrival. The menu read like a piece of poetry and I don’t think anyone deviated from it.
Most of the fish used comes direct from Brixham fish market though an extra large turbot had been brought in from France for our booking as there were no large turbot availiable that day at the market. We caught a glimpse of it being delivered as we returned from our walk. I think they may have also delivered a truffle because the turbot fish course had a small quantity of truffle with it as did one of the other starter courses.
Without spending hours writing about all the courses that were each in themselves perfect (I had 30 or so emails from members of the group saying I must mention the fish, the lamb, the deserts, the coffee, the …. ect) It would take forever so I will just mention some basics.
Cheese is served in french tradition after the main course followed by three differing desserts, though it can be changed around if prefered. All finished off with handmade chocolates to die for and blue mountain coffee.
A female member of our group got somewhat emotional back at the hotel saying that this has been all too beautiful to be real. I think we can all agreed with her on that.
I was asked to just be honest in writing this review. So here goes – It aint cheap – but neither is a decent set of chipendale chairs. What price do you put on perfect ?
One serious critique about Brixham harbour is the lunatic airport tower attached to the new fishmarket, it spoils what is othrwise a charming working harbour.
And one more piece of praise – although this is a french restaurant foie-gras is never served, out of principle.
And yes, we have booked up

Reviewed 3 June 2013
After reading rave reviews in the national press we thought we would try Oscar’s for ourselves. We were lucky to get a table due to a cancellation as evening meals are now fully booked for most of the summer, according to our waiter, due to mostly corporate bookings for the whole boat.
Oscar’s is not a small boat but it seems larger on the inside then it does outside, the Tardis illusion.
On arrival we were shown to a very smart cocktail & coffee lounge to view the menu. The lounge has a very clever extension for smokers and there is a good range of cigars on offer. Unbelievable food and wine ranging from the reasonable priced house type to the truly bonkers end of the market. The food and cooking is as mind-blowing as the rest of the experience. Comfortable dinning chairs, spacious tables and dinning area, romantic lighting, pretty harbour, hard to think how it could get much better.
• Visited May 2013