Nile is ideally situated to become border between Morsitania and Baradaisia


According to the official Egyptian news agency Mena h interim president Adli Mansour suggested, in consultation with the opposition and the main religious leaders of the country to adopt the “Belgian model” of a constitutional monarchy combined with a tangle of regional governments . Egypt is surrounded by kingdoms where everything goes smoothly and the application of the Belgian model only requires the appointment of several interim governments with regional and community responsibilities. Those will be responsible for the preparations of elections for federal parliament and the regional parliaments in Morsitania, Baradeisia and Mansourey.

That solves also the issue of the triumvirate Morsi, El Baradei and interim President Mansour. There can be chosen from a panopticum of interim functions: negotiator, informant, mediator,pre-formateur and formateur. And that both on federal and regional level. In addition, alarmbel procedures, consensus-democracy, the technique of putting difficult issues in the refrigerator, the language barrier (the Nile!) and especially the proven technique of ‘we are going to solve the problems as they arise” could easily calm down the spirits. Further on Egypt can try breaking the world record ‘govern-without-government. .

Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders was enthusiastic about the interest of the Egyptian colleagues. According Reynders this shows that Belgium disposes, with it’s model, of an important export product and that in a market where competition from countries such as Germany and Switzerland is totally negligible.