images-5Ten good reasons not to invite to a party someone that:

1. always comes on time, is there for the appointed hour , anyway he runs back and before you know , he is in the kitchen. Later your partner says: “has that guy really nothing else to do”

2. never offers a decent gift but always something ‘homemade’ . Your partner: it is also usually suspect and especially there is no freshness date… ”

3. stands right away in your kitchen . “Did you remove the intestinal tract from the deep sea shrimp, is there gelatin in your shrimp croquettes to make them flow. …”

4. surprises you in the mliddle of your party :: all of a sudden your favorite cd is interrupted by the Köln concert by Keith yarreth . He takes over the direction of the music all evening.

5. turns out to have his birthday and hijacks your party.

6. Despite the cubi’s red and white, suddenly pops up with your best kept wine

7. clears out half of your fridge, preparing ‘ something ‘special’

8. starts building a pizza oven in the back of your garden, using anything that is not stuck or too hot and too heavy.

9. is full of himself and his exploits : you hear no one else talking.

10. Despite the plastic plates and cutlery filled your dishwasher with your best China and on the sink you’ll find all your never used Alessi pots and pans.