In the Belgian town of Paliseul, near Bertrix, a bailiff, who had to perform an expropriation command failed badly to do such. The house exploded when the man rang the bell. Malicious intent is not excluded.

The bailiff called last Friday to a house in the rue Chaffour where a Senegalese family was housed. After proceedings before the magistrate  the owner had obtained his tenants would be evicted.

The bailiff was accompanied by a locksmith, a policeman and two workmen. Immediately after the doorbell was rang a loud bang was heard and the whole house burst at the seams. The bailiff and his party were literally blown away. The foursome was transferred to a hospital. The policeman and the workers were not seriously injured . The bailiff, however, was in shock and suffered severe fractures to arms and legs. He is no not in mortal danger. Presumably, pressing the bell there was a spark and gas accumulation in the house. There was nobody in the house but malice is not excluded. The prosecution is searching for traces of malicious intent.