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In the Belgian village Sivry Rance  an inspector of the Department of Health  was attacked by the customers of the Café de la poste  and stripped naked . The man was controling the ban on smoking in bars.

Albert D. (53) was, along with thirty other colleagues, responsible for the control of the entire Belgian territory. His inspection was unannounced and  happened  as always on a random list of catering businesses.

Cafe de la Poste in the center of the village serves a daily special at noon but in the evening  is frequented by a slightly rougher clientele: mostly members of the local Hell’s Angels. According to eyewitnesses, the inspector was stripped to his pants. Personal belongings were tossed way back in the barroom supported by some intense cheering.

Afterwards the man was  dropped in the forest and could find shelter in an old gamekeeper’s house , dressed in an old horse blanket, he managed to reach the local police station . The public prosecutor of Charleroi condammed this  aggression and intimidation of a public official. The prosecution asks anyone who witnessed the incident to contact the police .